Acquires SeaMonster to Enable World's First Activity-Based Sales Incentives Solution

Task Automation

Spend Less Time

Doing Data Entry and More Time Selling

SeaMonster automates activity data entry that is otherwise a manual, time consuming
process for sales reps.

1. Enable Your Reps to Focus on Closing Deals

Sales reps love putting data into the CRM, right? Exactly! Oftentimes it’s a battle to get sales reps to do this because they’d much rather spend their time focused on closing deals.


2. Get Immediate and Accurate Pipeline Data at Your Fingertips

Sales Reps want guidance, not gates.  The status quo for stage completion is to rely on self-reported activity completion from a sales rep, which is often unwanted, and inaccurate.  Let SeaMonster guide your team through important activities and know with certainty whether they are complete – leading to better pipeline data and revenue forecasting.

3. Stop Micromanaging Deals- There’s a Better Way

Tired of interpreting CRM data to understand Opportunity status? Wasting precious meeting time asking questions to determine where a Deal is actually at?  Build more trusting relationships with your sales team and focus on areas that move the business forward – sales strategy and coaching!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You don’t need 50 different data points on one opportunity to determine whether or not the follow-up email after a demo took place or not. SeaMonster cuts through the data noise in your CRM data and pulls only the critical activities associated with your pipeline stages so you can clearly see the status of those activities without all the in-between data that isn’t relevant.

You can have this done in minutes. Our seamless integration with HubSpot and Salesforce allows you to quickly associate important activities to your pipeline stages within SeaMonster.