Acquires SeaMonster to Enable World's First Activity-Based Sales Incentives Solution

Stage Compliance

Stop Losing Deals

Stop micromanaging your sales reps and let SeaMonster keep them on track. Organizations invest significant resources into building effective sales processes, but lose deals because those processes aren’t consistently followed by sales reps. If you’re spending hours digging through the CRM and call recordings to get deal data, this takes time and is usually done long after a deal is lost. A better way is to prevent deals from going cold in the first place.


1. Drive Sales Process Adoption

Associate your important deal milestones with your pipeline stages and get clear visibility into where your process is not being followed.


2. Quickly learn what is working and not working in your sales process

Gain insight into what your top sales reps are doing to close more deals and what is causing other reps to lose deals.

3. Provide sales reps with immediate and actionable coaching


With the insights that SeaMonster provides, sales managers can be proactive about coaching their sales reps to get more deals across the finish line.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You don’t need 50 different data points on one opportunity to determine whether or not the follow-up email after a demo took place or not. SeaMonster cuts through the data noise in your CRM data and pulls only the critical activities associated with your pipeline stages so you can clearly see the status of those activities without all the in-between data that isn’t relevant.

You can have this done in minutes. Our seamless integration with Hubspot and Salesforce allows you to quickly associate important activities to your pipeline stages within SeaMonster.

Yes, you can use SeaMonster to better understand current sales activity in your organization and to use this newly acquired information to gradually build your sales process. SeaMonster also offers Sales Process start-up packages to help get you started.